Pioneering a regenerative approach to
growing tastier, healthier blueberries —
for us and for our planet

What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture means we embrace responsible and sustainable farming practices to grow better blueberries. Our regenerative practices focus on rebuilding working landscapes, restoring natural resources, and revitalizing rural communities.

Rooted in these methods, we work to positively impact our planet by developing healthier soils, increasing habitat biodiversity, ensuring workplace quality, and more – all to produce tastier, healthier, better blueberries.

Water Usage

Less Water

used per lb produced since 2018

Energy Usage

Less Energy

used per lb produced since 2018

Soil Health


in organic matter since 2018

Wild Pollinators


in wild pollinator species abundance since 2016

Predator Insects


in beneficial predator insect abundance over time

We Love Our Bees!

Pollinators like wild bees help grow better blueberries. They contribute to more flowers developing into fruit, and larger, more abundant berries.

We’re proud to offer Bee Better Certified blueberries and have made a commitment to invest in our native pollinator habitats to foster their population growth on our farms.

Our Berries

Our integrated model for harvesting, packing, and shipping blueberries gets fresher fruit to your grocery store faster.

We offer both organic and non-organic berries in a variety of sizes, straight from our farms in California and Oregon.


Where to Buy

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